How Many Drops Of CBD Oil Should I Use?


This is a tricky question. Every person will need to find out for themselves how much CBD oil to take. There is no one answer that fits all.

The response to how much CBD oil should I take is subjective. This is because it depends on what you are hoping for the outcome to be. If it is for general health, the amount of CBD oil will be less than if you are trying to deal with an issue.

Due to this, start out slow with 3-5 drops of CBD oil twice a day for the first week. Hold the drops under your tongue for 90 seconds, use a mirror so you can SEE how many drops you are using. Try not to mix in any saliva, you should not need to swallow if you do it this way, and it will absorb directly into the mucous membranes and be delivered quickly into your bloodstream.

The dosage should be gradually increased or decreased depending on the effect the CBD Oil is having on the user. You will have to go through a trial and error process until you discover how much CBD oil you should take. Most users notice a more dramatic effect the longer they use CBD oil. There is currently no report of harm or hazard from an overdose in regards to how much CBD oil you should take.

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