Before Saying CBD Oil Doesn’t Work Lets Find The Right Dosage

CBD Oil Doesn't Work

If you feel like the CBD oil isn’t having an effect, you need to ask:

Am I taking the right dosage?

The appropriate dosage of CBD oil will depend on your body weight, your tolerance level, the method of ingestion, and the desired benefit influences how long it takes CBD oil to start working. CBD oil produces effects a little different and the dosing amount varies from person to person. You may be excited to feel the effects of CBD oil right away and tempted to take a large dose in order to make that happen. It’s important to start with a low dosage and gradually increase the amount to minimize any negative side effects that may come from a sudden ingestion of high-quantity CBD oil.

You’ll need to experiment with dosage to determine what works for you. For example if your using a 750 mg bottle, start with 5 drops twice a day. This will allow your body to get accustomed to the CBD oil. Most people can easily tolerate this level while still being able to feel the effects. From there, you can steadily increase the dosage in order to allow your body to get used to the product while experiencing even greater relief from symptoms. The dosage should not be increased once your symptoms are alleviated.

Am I on the right schedule?

You will also need to determine the appropriate CBD oil “schedule” that works for you. The effects of CBD oil tends to last for a awhile so there’s no need to take a large dose to ensure that your symptoms don’t return too quickly. Try taking CBD oil at different times and intervals to find out what works for you. Be consistent with taking your CBD oil. It’s so important to stay on schedule to experience the full benefits from your CBD oil.

Its important to determine the right “dose and schedule” for you.

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