“About Me”


A few years back, my husband and my life changed tremendously. My husband had a life-altering and very scary experience. When your husband says to call the Doctor something is wrong, you do it. We were in the hospital shortly thereafter and he was transferred to a larger hospital. The left side of his body has little or no feeling in it and he could not see out of out of his right eye. The doctors informed us he had a stroke. This changed our lives forever in so many ways.

I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother. I have not worked a full time job for several years due to personal health issues with joint and nerve pain that gradually worsened over time. My lack of self worth and my weight increased as the physical discomfort become harder to bare. Depression set in.

Recently I was introduced to CBD oil and it has made some amazing changes in my overall well-being.

Using CBD oil, I am experiencing positive health and wellness in my life. I decided CBD oil was something I definitely believed in, could stand behind, and it made my life so much better. I wanted to share CBD oil and my experience with others to improve there health and wellness as well.

After using CBD oil for several months I made the decision to start my own business called Hempatrol – Where Helping Others Improve Their Physical Well-Being And Lifestyle Using Hemp Products Is Our Mission.

Having my business allows me to share my story and the benefits of CBD oil with others. I am excited about this journey and look forward to sharing CBD oil with as many people as possible. I look forward to hearing your story of what CBD oil has done for you.