Testimonials – What’s Your Story?

I suffer from fibromyalgia, the joint pain was EVERYDAY. I couldn’t even lay in bed for more then a few hours bc I hurt so bad ??. I had been prescribed a lot of medication. Nothing helped. One of my doctors mentioned he had done a research paper on it recently and he thinks it would help!! God bless that man!! ?. All the information he had given me was I needed a full spectrum CBD oil to get the BEST benefits! Well after several months of searching I found HEMPWORX!! It has changed my life! My joint pain is gone! I have amazing energy! I sleep great! IM OFF ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION ??????.
I have several health issues that come with a person being my age 👵 but on top of those I had three strokes in a matter of months, am insulin dependent 💉, heart problems and Parkinson’s .
I started taking this CBD oil a few months ago because I was tired of taking pills💊 for this and pills for that and they were not relieving my pains. 🤕
It got to the point I didn’t want to tell my doctor 👨‍⚕️ anything because it would mean more pills.
Since taking the 💧 CBD Oil, if I have aches and pains I don’t feel them…I sleep like a 👶baby, blood pressure is better than ever, only three insulin injections a day and not seven but the best of all is I don’t shake due to Parkinson’s and I can actually drink my coffee ☕ instead of wearing it, lol!
I feel awesome 💪these days and have my life back thanks to this oil! 💯💥👏
After 2 years of chemotherapy, three major surgeries and weeks of radiation. My Oncologist attempted 4 different “cancer blocker” drugs I could NOT take. The journey left me riddled in pain. ~ THEN he sent me to several different specialist to find a solution. After no results from many many drugs, he insisted I find a CBD oil that would help me. I tried 5 products before results and would have just said “It didn’t work” if he had not continued to insist. Well, I found HW and love it so much I am telling everyone!!
My story. I have been on CBD oil for 3 months. I have lost weight, my diabetes is very controlled and I’ve have been taken off a lot of my diabetic medications. I also was on medication for Bipolar depression and am now completely off this. I was also on a lot of medication for Rheumatoid arthritis, and now off several of those medication. I would swear by CBD oil and feel my success is due to it being pure oil.
I have a busy mind. I haven’t slept all night through for 20 or more years. If I have a dream that wakes me up, I am up for hours. If I wake up to go to the bathroom I am up for hours. My mind just starts going and going and going. And it just won’t shut up. It’s amazing how many women that I have talked to are like me.
I started taking CBD oil. I woke up on the 4th morning amazed. I had slept the entire night without even waking up to go to the bathroom. I had an entire night’s sleep. What a shock.
You don’t realize how bad you feel not sleeping and how tired you really are, until you finally sleep. It took a week or more to make up all the sleep I missed. I have been sleeping well for 3 months now. It’s awesome. I love getting a full night’s sleep.