“The CBD Oil Supplier I Recommend?”


I recommend that you check CBD product labels for ingredients, check out the manufacturing processes and sources, and ask questions about anything that’s not clearly explained. Here’s why I recommend HEMPWORX by My Daily Choice CBD oil products over the many alternatives available.

“Here’s Why I Recommend HEMPWORX CBD Oil Products?”

  • Hempworx CBD products are non-GMO. From dirt to fertilizer they are 100% free of chemicals, pesticides and are cruelty free. Our farms are open for you to visit any time making our company the most consumer transparent of any CBD company.
  • Hempworx CBD oil comes from a protected family of natural hemp with the best nutrient properties resulting in the richest oil unlike any other. These plants are grown to flowering stage before they are harvested. The entire mature plant is used in its entirety to create the fullest variety of beneficial compounds and nutrients.
  • Hempworx hemp plants are vacuum sealed in under 3 minutes after harvest which fully preserves the most nutrients and compounds and keeps the plants free of pests, germs, and decay. No one else has this superior preservation process.
  • Hempworx extraction process is the most thorough – favoring the maximum health benefits possible over production speed. It is slower and more expensive to do, but it far exceeds the most popular CO2 clean extraction method used by almost every company. This results in over 120 preserved cannabinoid compounds, terpenes, phyto-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in addition to the CBD. This is the most complete premium Full Spectrum CBD oil for health in the world. Manufacturing is conducted in FDA approved facilities.
  • Hempworx manufactures 100% Hemp-Derrived products. The carrier of Hempworx CBD nutrient rich extract is only cold pressed pure hemp oil. They have two flavored varieties and they only add pure organic essential oils – peppermint or cinnamon for flavor. The essential oils actually add wonderfully and work in tandem with the other hemp compounds with excellent medicinal properties of their own. These can include anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, digestion settling and also helping the CBD oil to penetrate into the blood stream. Hempworx CBD oil comes in natural hemp oil flavor as well for those who do not desire the flavors. Check the product labels. Most CBD oil suppliers use additives, preservatives, and fillers in their products. Often times they are synthetic. This can include coconut oil known to be extremely high in saturated fat or other products unrelated to CBD and hemp health.
  • It’s known that CBD oil health benefits are greatly increased by all these extra compounds found in the Hemp plant. There are 85 known Cannabinoid compounds including CBD and THC, and also other compounds called terpenes and flavinoids. Do to the entourage effect, Cannabinoids work much better together in your body and greatly maximize the overall health benefits. Hempworx delivers the maximum number of Cannabinoid compounds and related nutrients to you.
  • All of Hempworx’s processing, distribution, and business operations are also located and run in America. Hempworx exports to other countries. They create American jobs right here at home and export American made goods.
  • Every batch of CBD oil Hempworx makes is tested on three distinct quality points. Lab results are posted regularly and available any time for you to read on their website. Each batch is analyzed for consistent presence of the full range of Cannabinoid compounds and additional nutrients present, lack of chemicals, herbicides, and microbes, and also for potency of CBD and Cannabinoid compounds. This is the most diligent quality control of any CBD company anywhere.
  • Hempworx has received the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification for stringent standards of quality and safety. In addition to elevating consumer confidence in the quality and safety of hemp products, this voluntary certification demonstrates Hempworx commitment to working with federal and state regulators and law enforcement agencies. Modeled after existing federal regulations for manufacturing in the dietary supplement industry, these standards offer an industry-led model for any future regulations to ensure safety and quality.
  • There are no other products that meet or exceed Hempworx quality. A Dispensary price for an inferior product would cost on average over $120/ FL OZ. A bottle of Hempworx 500mg oil is under $75 retail price with shipping included. When you factor in the quality and the health benefit potential of Full Spectrum DBD oil, Hempworx is an incredible bargain for the absolute best made CBD oil in the world. Even better, if you purchase a 4 pack you’ll only be paying for 3. It’s such an incredibly great deal because you get one bottle free.
  • There are always new products popping up with really low prices that seem like too good to be true bargains. This is usually due to inexpensive processes like using harmful chemicals to extract the CBD, cutting corners on quality controls, using bulk low-grade wilting hemp material, using uncontrolled imported mystery products, or mystery ingredients. There are usually no quality controls or transparency available for you to verify what you are really getting with most CBD oils. These products will not only be inferior but possibly even unhealthy. Many CBD oil are falsely advertised as being Full Spectrum when they are labelled as “THC Free”. THC Free oil is by definition not full spectrum. Not all Full Spectrum oils are of the same quality.
  • Hempworx full spectrum CBD oil contains Federally Legal THC content in all 50 States of .3% or less. The low level THC is actually very beneficial to health in conjunction with the CBD and other nutrients in the oil and it will not give you a high. For those concerned about failing a drug test it should be noted that this is possible should enough product be consumed over time. Please select Hempworx THC Free variety of oil for job related drug test candidates. Their THC Free isolate is still the best of its kind in the world, being 100% Hemp derived and still with high levels of secondary cannabiboids such as BPC, plus flavinoids and terpenes in the Hemp oil base.
  • Purchase With A Zero-Risk No-Hassle 60 Day/Empty Bottle Guarantee. You can purchase a product with total confidence knowing that if for any reason, even after using the whole CBD oil bottle, and you’re not 100% satisfied, you can still call Hempworx for a no-hassle refund within 60 days! They are that confident you will feel the benefits!