How Can iHemp Solve Some Of Today’s Major Problems

How Can iHemp Solve Some Of Today’s Major Problems

The world is facing enormous challenges and iHemp can help the transition from a high carbon to a low carbon economy. iHemp has the opportunity to provide “economical” solutions to help minimize some of theses major challenges, including pollution, carbon emissions, plastics waste, world hunger, people’s health, lack of jobs and rural underdevelopment.

iHemp can contribute to solving these problems by:

  • Providing food and supplements that support our health and wellness.
  • Helping minimize the “environmental” emergency by using the iHemp stalk to provides zero carbon raw materials for environmentally responsible applications.
  • Leading in the development and expansion of low carbon, environmentally responsible industry.
  • Bring a new ‘cash-crop’ to agriculture.
  • Creating jobs across the entire supply chain.

For ihemp to be a viable cash crop and a key ingredient to fight global warming and climate change, our farmers and processor need to be empowered to utilise the whole plant.

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