Natural Treatment Toothpaste for Sensitive Gum

Natural Treatment Toothpaste for Sensitive Gum cannadent with decreased foamability contents pure hemp oil, soda and natural extracts from grapefruit seed, oak-bark, rose-apple, rosemary, sage and mint. Gently, yet very effectively cleans the cover of teeth surface, refreshes breath and treats the tongue and the mucosa of a buccal cavity. Effective herb extract restricts the sensitivity of a dental cervix, bleeding of the gingiva and preventively keeps the teeth from cariosity (the condition of being decayed or carious, especially with regard to teeth), occurrence of inflammation of a buccal cavity and the occurrence of parodontosis. The paste is intended for treatment of a stable dentition, especially for people with sensitive dental cervix or with an inclination to occurance of tooth decay and inflammation of a buccal cavity.

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