What If CBD Helped – Psoriasis?

What If CBD HelpedPsoriasis?

CBD oil has been used on: “pain”, “glaucoma”, “multiple sclerosis”, “parkinson’s”, “crohn’s” , schizophrenia, “post-traumatic stress disorder”, and “nausea from chemotherapy”. While many of the results come from anecdotal rather than scientific study, more scientific study is urgently needed. But what about CBD oil

What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disorder that leads to excessive build-up of skin cells. The new skin cells grow so rapidly that they reach the surface of the skin before they’re fully developed. This build up of silvery scales on the skin forms raised itchy patches on your body that may become inflamed, with redness, swelling, and discomfort. The pain, fatigue, and sleeplessness associated with psoriasis may take a toll on your overall health. The National Psoriasis Foundation observed that people with psoriasis may have a higher risk for depression, and anxiety. The Archives of Dermatology also found that people living with psoriasis have a higher risk of being diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

Could CBD oil help With Psoriasis?


Psoriasis isn’t curable and can be difficult to control. Although there are a variety of medications and light therapies for treating the disease, some have serious side effects and others lose their effectiveness when your body builds up a resistance requiring new treatment options. CBD oil is one of the treatments being explored.

A few studies have investigated the impact of CBD oil as it pertains to:

  • Slowing cell growth
  • Some studies suggest CBD oil may slow the rapid growth of immature skin cells found in people with psoriasis. One study suggests that CBD oil and their endocannabinoid system receptors may help control and limit the production of immature skin cells.

  • Managing pain
  • Many people use CBD oil for pain. CBD oil may be more effective than opioids to manage acute and neuropathic pain. It may reduce chronic pain, according to Current Rheumatology. The Journal of the American Medical Association also suggests that CBD oil may be an effective treatment for pain.

  • Regulating the immune system
  • More research is needed, but studies indicate that CBD oil may reduce the inflammation associated with autoimmune disorders like psoriasis. The journal of Pharmacology indicates that CBD oil may suppress the immune system. Most research was done on CBD oil taken by mouth.

    Topical CBD oil/cream is also used on psoriasis and claims have been made that it controls rapid skin cell production. More research will be needed to support these claims.

  • Treatment of stress
  • Psoriasis may be very stressful and CBD oil has shown it may provide relief for stress.

CBD oil may show promise helping people with psoriasis but more scientific study is needed, in the mean time anecdotal results hold merit.


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