What If CBD Helped – Weight Issues?

What If CBD HelpedWeight Issues?

National Center for Biotechnology Information

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National Center for Biotechnology Information

CBD oil may increase mitochondria to burn calories, stimulate proteins to break down fat, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. CBD oil has been shown to suppress appetite naturally by stimulating the hypothalamus, the region of the brain that controls appetite. It regulates the secretion of ghrelin and leptin, two different hormones that influence appetite in different ways. While ghrelin stimulates hunger, leptin creates the sensation of being full. CBD oil suppress the appetite, control cravings and keep hunger at bay by increasing levels of leptin.

CBD oil plays a key role in what is known as “fat browning” — another way that the cannabinoid can help with weight loss. Brown fat burns calories to generate heat, which is why it is typically known as the “good” fat since it metabolizes rather than stores calories.
CBD oil can stimulate fat browning which inevitably breaks down fat while increasing the number and the activity of mitochondria in the cells of the body, helping to burn more calories. CBD oil was also shown to reduce the activity of proteins associated with the growth of fat cells.

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